17 Money Saving Tips

17 Money Saving Tips

17 Money Saving Tips

Money saving can be easy. Check out these 17 great money saving tips from Living Frugal Tips. Fast and quick ways to save money without having to try (really hard). That’s how we roll here at LFT — fast, quick, easy and everyday ways to save money!

Money Saving Tips:

1.  Save water by taking a shower (uses 8 gallons) versus a bath (uses 21 gallons). Also turn the tap off while brushing your teeth to save another 2-1/2 gallons.

2.  Save money on dry cleaning by purchasing a hand-held steamer for $20-$30 or so at places like Walmart.com Simply hang, steam and save big. Steam 4 – 5 pieces & it’s paid for itself. — Tipster: Becky Wilson

3.  Pre-portioned food costs more! From snack packs to individually wrapped cheese & chicken breast portions — they cost more. Buy regular or bulk size and create individual portions on your own.

4.  If you enjoy eating out on occasion and want to save money, go to www.Restaurant.com and buy gift certificates for a fraction of the face value. Some restrictions apply, but it’s worth checking out! I’ve purchased $25 gift cards for only $10. You can’t beat savings like that! Then, if you go to your restaurant of choice with your Restaurant.com gift card for lunch versus dinner you can save even more with their lower pricing at lunch.

5.  Improve your cars fuel economy and save money by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. This improves fuel efficiency up to 5% & can save you $75-$100 a year based on mileage and gas prices.

6.  Get money saving tips on the GO. Living Frugal Tips is Smartphone compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm mobile devices.

7.  What to do with fresh herbs that are about to go bad? Chop them up, put them in ice cube trays, add water & freeze to preserve. Then just add the herb cubes to soups or cooking as needed for fresh flavor.

8.  As water restrictions ramp up over the hot Summer months, a good tip is to pull your car in the grass when washing it so you can wash and water at the same time. Saves water & $$ — Tipster:  Becky Wilson

9.  Want a ‘green’ way to clean faucets, sinks or stainless steel? Rub a cucumber slice on the surface. It will remove tarnish, bring back the shine, & won’t leave streaks or harm your hands while you clean.

10.  Trying to beat the Summer heat? Install more ceiling fans! The breeze of a fan can make you feel three to four degrees cooler. You can then raise the thermostat and still stay comfortable.

11.  Have a theme park visit planned this Summer? Take advantage of the current specials such as Buy One Day and Go All Year. You can’t beat that. A year of fun for the price of a day.

12.  Save money for big purchases and use cash to pay for them. During the time it takes you to save money, you have plenty of time to make sure you really need it, and by using cash you won’t overspend.

13.  Don’t have a warehouse club membership card? Just give a family member or friend a check or cash and have them buy a gift card for you. You can shop and get the deals without paying the membership fee.

14.  The start of Summer is a great time to replace your air conditioning filter. By doing this every 2 – 3 months you will maximize your air flow and energy efficiency and save money.

15.  This money saving tip will help you save money on clothing costs by buying things that coordinate. Solid colors that you can mix & match will minimize the amount of clothes you need. Black, tan, navy, gray and white are the basics to build around.

16.  Want new clothes? Hold a clothing swap with friends. Clean your closet of things you’ve not worn in a while and trade with friends who’ve done the same. What’s “old” becomes new again.

17.  Stop the need to go out for lunch or pick food up for dinner by making meals that are leftover friendly like casseroles and soups. Prepare, pack up and frig or freeze them for quick mid-week meals.

Please share all your money saving tips with Living Frugal Tips!

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  1. Becky Wilson says:

    Thank you Lisa for continuing your hard work to help us all save $$ and time! :)

  2. Lisa says:

    As always, thank you for your continued interest and involvement in Living Frugal Tips. Your contributions and support are so very appreciated Becky!

  3. evelyn says:

    Periodically, BJ’s, a warehouse club in South Florida, will print coupons for 60 day free memberships. I use their free membership as often as I can for major, but infrequent, purchases. For example, I purchased my glasses there for $336; the glasses (with Oscar de la Renta frames) would have cost me over $600 elsewhere.