Another Use for Your Flat Iron

Flat IronWhile reading one of my magazines I came across a great tip for another use for my flat iron. I got super excited since my short hair no longer requires the extra pain-staking measure of blow drying and then using the flat iron to get that stick-straight, sleek look that took all sorts of unnecessary time every morning. Yippee!

Idea: Used on the low setting, you can use your flat iron as a handy travel iron.

While you’ll need to change your ironing technique a bit, it’s a great idea that I’m going to try.

Let’s swap ideas — please share any other suggested ideas and uses for this handy little tool. I just love when I can find multiple uses for things.

Let the idea swap begin!

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  1. What a great tip! I wonder if it could be used to kill mold on upholstery. As with ironing, care would have to be taken to not hold the iron in place for too long to avoid burning the fabric, and cleaning it afterward would be wise, but it might work well.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the tip Lillea. I guess with any “flat iron” ironing, the trick is in the technique since it’s more of a clamp down and pull method. Give it a try. Lisa