Take Control of Car Insurance Rates and Save Money

Here are some great tips to help you get cheap car insurance quotes and save money on car insurance. So many companies are constantly vying for your attention by advertising their car insurance discounts on the radio, TV, billboards and all over the Internet. The truth is you can get great collision, comprehensive and regular insurance at an affordable annual rate. But nothing good comes easy so you will have to compare car insurance rates online.

Tips to Save Money On Car Insurance:

Shop around

Almost every car insurance company will give you a free quote online. This is not the time to sit back and relax, you will have to do some research and look into which company gives you the kind of discount you want. Friends may advise you to go with their insurance company and it never hurts to take their advice but you must also shop around for other discounts that serve your purposes better. Read up on reviews on the agency’s website and test their promptness to get back to you. If you ask a question and the company representative takes a week to get back to you, well, that’s not the kind of service you want to pay for.

Ask for discounts

When you find a car insurance company that you might be interested in, call them up and ask them if they have any additional discounts for a person in your situation. If you have a clean driving record or if you’re a good student, chances are a car insurance company can provide some discount. Sometimes being affiliated with certain organizations can be helpful as well. Military families are offered discounts by some car insurance companies too.

Drive carefully

Being a responsible driver is not hard to do when you’re on your way to the supermarket. But when you’re going to be late for work, you may find yourself ready to make hasty decisions that you will regret later.  Those are the times you need to remember that being a risky driver will increase your car insurance rates sooner rather than later!

Move to a safer neighborhood

The benefits of moving to a safer neighborhood are varied. For one you can feel safer in your own house and know that your children are safer as well. But did you ever think that moving to a safe neighborhood would reap car insurance benefits as well? The chances of your car being stolen are lower in certain neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods that have a suburban look are really safe but if you do move to an area that is reported to have less theft and vandalism, your car insurance rates will decrease!

Buy a used car

The point of buying a used car is much the same as moving to a safer neighborhood. Used cars are less likely to be stolen and insurance companies will charge less to insure them. Another reason used car insurance costs less is because if the car gets into an accident, it is much cheaper to repair.

Multi-car and multi-policy

When you buy car insurance along with home insurance from the same company, you’ll get them both for a significantly cheaper price. Operating on the same principle, you will get a better rate if you insure more than one car from the same company at the same time.  It helps company loyalty and shows that you trust your insurance agency.

Drive less

Driving less is a simple and practical way to get a lower insurance rate. The less you drive, the less likely you are to get into an accident so the car insurance company will charge less to insure you. Instead of driving to nearby places you can walk or bike. Instead of taking the car to work you can carpool. It’s not just better for you, it’s also a really environment friendly habit.

Maintain good credit

One of the factors that insurance people take into account when they calculate how much insurance you should pay is your credit score. The best way to make a good credit score is by paying your credit card bills on time.

Use all these tips while you shop around for the best and cheapest car insurance for you. Remember that car insurance may seem like something you have to do just because it’s required by law but actually it’s more for your benefit and safety. Never skimp on coverage, get full car insurance if possible.

Editor’s Note: This is a quest post by Bethany Collins who is a Work at Home Mother (WAHM) who lives with her husband and two kids. She loves to read and surf the internet looking for new money saving tips. In her spare time she writes on personal finance (home, life and auto insurance companies, budgeting, and other investment options) and grows organic vegetables in her vegetable garden.


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  1. Dan says:

    I don’t know if anyone is ever going to see this, but don’t always take the cheapest insurance even if the coverage is the same. Companies like Geico, State Farm or Progressive live by “Deny and Defend.” As an attorney who deals with companies all the time, I want a company that deals with the claim and moves on. That is ultimately what you are paying them for. Too often, the biggest boys are focused on highest profits off your premium without much regard to making your life inconvenient. There are watchdog groups on the 10 worst companies and Geico, State Farm, Liberty Mutual..etc. end up there every single year.