8 Great Websites for Free eBooks

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Find Free Kindle Books with these Great Free eBook Websites

I’ve continued the search to bring you more great websites for free Ebooks, free Kindle books, free online books or whatever else you might be searching for.

I’ve reviewed new sites that are popping up daily and several readers had great suggestions. Here are some new and some different sites worth taking a look at.

Beyond the Basics – 8 Great Websites to Download Free eBooks:

Free eBook Categories Galore

eBook Junkie – As a self-professed eBook Junkie, I may have found a new favorite website to download free ebooks. eBook Junkie has over 20 different categories with sub-categories; art, cooking, crafts, home & garden, mystery & thrillers, self-help and many, many more. Just make sure you click on FREE eBooks as they also have Premium eBooks on the site too.

Free Tool to Find Free eBooks on Amazon

Freebook Sifter – An interesting site/tool that makes it easier to find free Kindle books on Amazon. They do the heavy lifting and update their database daily by adding new free eBooks and removing eBooks that are no longer free. Simply click on a category and you get a sorted list of free eBooks in that category. They are sorted by the number of ratings with the highest listed first, making for a quick read. Once you select a free eBook and click on it you are taken to the Amazon Kindle interface you are familiar with. Worth checking out.

The Daily Deals of Free eBooks

Pixel of Ink – If you like the daily deal sites then this might be the free eBook site for you. Pixel of Ink features daily deals of free Kindle books and other specials. On a daily basis they are sorting through hundreds of Free Kindle Books to bring your the best reads.

A Buffet of Free eBooks

Weber Books  – Check out this site daily (Monday – Friday) where you will find a hand-picked list of highly rated free ebooks. These free Kindle books are available for a limited time for anyone with a registered Amazon account. The list is updated every afternoon and the free books are listed on the home “Today’s Freebies” page.

The Grand Daddy of Free eBooks

Project Gutenberg Free eBooks – Project Gutenberg offers over 42,000 free eBooks and free Kindle books that your can download or read online. As the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Discover Independent & Aspiring Authors & Self Publish

Foboko – This is the sister site to Free-ebooks.net and offers something different for those of you that like to break away from all the bestsellers. Discover new authors and even start your own eBook and self publish it.

Textbooks, Business Books and Travel Guides

Bookboon.com  – Bookboon.com offers a broad range of over 1500 free eBooks in seven languages, directly available to download from the website. They specialize in three key areas:

  • Online Textbooks – Free online textbooks for students written by highly respected professors from top universities. Topics include: economics, statistics, IT, engineering and natural science. It’s a great place to go for continuing your education. Also check it out before you pay top dollar for books each semester.
  • Business Books – Free eBooks for business professionals written exclusively for bookboon.com by industry experts. Topics range from personal development to accounting, finance, management and strategic marketing.
  • Free Online Travel Guides – When planning a trip, make this your first stop for free travel guides. Destinations include the USA, Europe and Asia.

Classic Literature

Ebook-Cafe – Explore all of the great literary classics conveniently located in one place. All of the ebooks are free and easy to download. They have over 60 classic authors and with a simple click you get a brief author bio and a list of all the free ebooks to download written by that author. This is probably the best site I’ve seen for finding the classics.

Bonus Sites

My New Favorite with free Email Alerts: BookBub

BookBub is my new favorite so I wanted to add it to the list. A quick email sign up with your reading preferences and then you receive a daily email about free ebooks and bargain bestsellers. You can also just sign in anytime and browse thousands of free & bargain eBooks in over 25 different categories.

The No-brainer

Amazon Free Kindle Books which is a must stop place with over 26,000 free eBook titles and growing daily. I like how they break free eBooks out by category, but also by Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days and Coming Soon so I can know about all the new stuff that’s coming.

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Please share other great websites for free eBooks. Oh, and never forget about your local library with their ebook selections.

Happy reading.