Free Online Career Planning Tools Help Job Search

Woman on ComputerUse these free online career planning tools to help you maximize your job search and career planning efforts. These valuable free online career planning tools can help you assess your career interests, research companies, find recommended networking websites, and help you get prepared for your job search or even guide you down a new career path. 

Free Online Career Planning Tools:

Career Assessment

Discover your personal passion with these career assessment tools. Matching your personal interests and aptitudes with the right job is what proper career planning is all about. We all excel at things we enjoy … and enjoy things that we excel at. Find the right job for you. contains a career assessment tool called MAPP which stands for Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential. In a few minutes you can answer a list of questions and determine your motivations towards work. Based on your key motivators, career categories/fields are recommended that match your interests and motivations. You can get a free report or a full report for a fee … but stick with the free report for now.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz

This is a really quick, fun quiz that takes just a minute or two and then you immediately get the results of your interest and style profile. By signing up for free, you then get a list of careers that match up with you interest and style. You can click on any of the suggested career fields and it will then give you a day-in-the-life job description, associated careers, and more. Give it a try – you might discover a new interest or validate that you’re currently in the right field. I found out that I’m a match with what I’ve been doing and with what I am currently pursuing.

Company and Industry Research

Research industries and companies and learn all that you can to help with your career planning and job search, and get you prepared for the interviews.

Hoovers Online

A quick one-stop reference for business information: industry overviews, company directories, Fortune 500 lists and more.

BusinessWeek Online – Company Research

Search over 42,000 public and 322,000 private companies worldwide. Find stock quotes, news and press releases, financial data and key competitors. Research compensation, biographies, and board relationships of key company executives.

Forbes -Lists

Lists of everything imaginable – best small companies, best big companies, fastest growing, top private, world’s biggest and more.

The Inc. 500

Quickly get information on the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. With a quick click on Top 100 Lists you can drill-down and get all sorts of statistics on the top 100 fastest growing private companies.


Easily search for news articles on the web on any given company, industry or topic. The site also has state and market links to every major media outlet: magazine, newspaper, TV and radio for easy access and on news with the U.S. and beyond .


Never under estimate the power of connections. In many situations it’s who you know that will ultimately get you the interview and  job. And, in many cases employers are actually doing social searches to see how connected and influential you are within your social circles. Build your social and professional networks with these selected networking sites.


Everyone knows about this big one, but it’s worth repeating since most people would not naturally think of it from a job search standpoint. But, it helps you connect and share with the people in your life and these friends can help you in your job search.


From a business networking standpoint this is the best networking site. You can connect with past co-workers, friends and associates on a professional level. You build your network of connections which then builds exponentially based on the “friends of friends” philosophy. You can interact, get introductions, make recommendations, and more. The really nice feature is that it shows you who you are connected to when searching for jobs on the major search sites.


Klout is the new standard of measure of online influence. Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks and it creates a score based on this influence. Some companies are actually looking at Klout scores as a interview tactic and hiring factor. This might be especially true in sales type positions where influence and persuasion in key.


Yes Pinterest can be considered another one of the free online career planning tools if used properly. You can create boards for companies you are following, interview prep and careers of interest. You can also create an online resume using Pinterest boards to showcase your work, hobbies, volunteer initiatives, etc. Get creative and always remember that building your network is important.

This is a newer one. It’s a reputation network whereby you build and monitor your online reputation, review your peers, promote your good name on search engines, and communicate with reputable professionals.


Plaxo is a great way to keep all your contacts organized across all the various social networks and all your various devices. When you or any of your contacts makes a change to the stored information, such as updating a new job, change in contact info, etc., these updates appear on your “pulse” page. A really neat way to quickly see who’s going where and doing what.

My hope is that these free online career planning tools help you find the job you are looking for, help get you prepared for an interview and aid in your job search.

Best of luck!